Security Team with Bikes

"Our Students Come First."

Carlos Sanchez, Director of School Safety 


Brentwood's School Safety Department is committed to providing a safe, secure and pleasant environment for students, staff, and visitors. As one of the largest School Districts in New York, Brentwood is protected by professionally-trained and a highly knowledgeable workforce. Responsible for patrolling the 23 facilities, enforcing  rules and regulations, and aiding students and staff in a variety of emergencies. Brentwood's School Safety Department maintains the professionalism and courtesy to continue to be the reliable entity we are.

Brentwood's School Safety Department is committed to providing 24/7/365  services at all our locations. Brentwood is monitored through an electronically-controlled card swipe, mobile patrol units, as well as surveillance by Brentwood's School Safety Department.

The objectives of the Brentwood's School Safety Department are to provide a safe environment for teaching, research and social endeavors and to protect the lives and property of the students, employees and visitors of the Brentwood Schools. This objective is pursued within the framework of the Brentwood Schools rules and regulations and all local, state and federal laws.  The Brentwood's School Safety Department also works closely with the County Police, Sheriff’s Department, Mass Transit Police, and the New York State Police to assist them with incidents that may occur off campus but involve campus staff or students.