Brentwood PTSA Operation Embrace

   The PTSA is starting a program called Operation Embrace. This program is for our service men and women who are serving our country. As there are members from our community serving over seas, we would just like them to know they are not forgotten. I have received a few names of graduates from Brentwood High School who are serving. If anyone has any other names along with addresses please send them to the PTSA.

   We have printed up a few cards that you can sign and if you may add a note. Please put your return address either on the inside of the card or on envelope. These cards will go to the names I receive. If you would like to send them to any service man, just mark the envelope, as they will be sent to those from Brentwood who will be able to give them out to others.
   We have received some requests from the troops as to what like/need. Below is a list of what can be sent. The bold items have been requested a few times. If you would like to donate just send it to the PTSA. You may bring items to a PTSA meeting also. Depending on the amount of items receive will depend on how many times per week we will send them.

Chap stick

Star & Enquirer

Eye Drops


Foot Powder

Brushes & Combs

Nail Clippers


Waterless Hand Sanitizers




Tissues {small packets}


Travel size toilet paper

Disposable Cameras

Tylenol {travel size}

Bug Spray {must bin in zip lock bag}

Shoe Insole Cushions

Sweat Bands


Comic Books

Sunglasses {black-no shiny frames}

Local Newspapers

Pens, paper & envelopes

Small Chip bags {Pretzels etc}

Tuna kits

Cereal in small boxes

Instant oatmeal

Ravioli {pop top cans}


Condiment packages

Beef Jerky

Sugar packets

Energy/Granola Bars {no chocolate}

Dried Fruits

Throat Drops


Any hard candy

Good N Plenty's

Kool Aid Sweetened

Global Prepaid AT&T cards


**If you have any questions please feel free to talk to any PTSA board member.